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Routine Medical Clearance Labs (Mobile)

Covid, EKG, Drug UA, CBC, LFTs, PT/PTT/INR, ABG, & Preg test

  • 15 min
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  • Patient's Home, office, etc...,

Service Description

Many surgeons order routine lab tests before you are admitted to the hospital or before certain outpatient procedures. The tests help find possible problems that might complicate surgery if not found and treated early. Some of the most common tests done before surgery include: Common Pre-Surgery Blood Tests The specific tests your doctor orders depends on multiple factors, but some common ones include: Complete blood count (CBC)2 Chem 7 blood chemistry panel Liver function panel (liver function tests, LFTs) PT/PTT/INR (coagulation study) Arterial blood gas (ABG) if required at time of surgery Pregnancy test Urinalysis. This test can help diagnose kidney and bladder infections, and diabetes. Certain types of urinalysis can also find illegal drugs in the body. White blood count. This test can help diagnose certain fevers and infections. It can also find out if a person is using medicines that affect white blood counts. You may also need one or more of the following blood tests before surgery: Glucose. This test measures your blood sugar levels. Potassium. This test measures the amount of potassium, sodium, and other electrolytes in your blood. These chemicals help regulate heart rhythms and other body functions. Complete blood count (CBC). This test checks for a low number of red blood cells (anemia) and infection. Coagulation studies (PT/PTT). These tests find out how well your blood clots.

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel with in 24 hours, there will be a $25.00 cancellation fee

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SL Concierge Nursing Services & Co., is a Mobile Company Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

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